Super Junior you are number 1

posted by:raerihyukkie

Lirik ini aku dapat dari salah satu blog milik ELFmalaysia.. Ini sengaja gak aku translate ke Indo, karna kalo diubah bahasanya, jadi mengurangi keindahan kata-kata tersebut. *jiaahh bahasa mu* Oke, aku harap kalian bisa mendalami dan menghayati kata-demi-kata yang dibuat oleh salah satu elf…

listen to this!here we go!

super junior,
my endless love,
you’re my happiness,

”sorry sorry,sorry sorry”
i am crazy bout u,
can u hear my hear heartbeat ‘boom boom’?

lets go to the pajama party,
and shake it up!
let us rock this house!

let me show u somehow,
i am your SUPER GIRL and in

and~we will live happily everafter!
just like a fairy tales story~~so~~~sweet~~~
to me u are NO OTHER….
sarangheyo suju ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!

This is what an E.L.F does for Super Junior . She wrote this lyrics for them …


Cre : sujufanclub


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