(Video/Trans) CABI CF BTS

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[Khuntoria]Hi! We’re Khuntoria!
[Cap]: How do you feel?
[Vic]: At first, I was scared.
[Vic]: But when I slid down, my heart seems to burst. I’m happy. If I could swim well, I want to jump into water.
[Khun]: At first, I was scared. But fortunately, staffs organized everything well for us so we feel safe. But I was rather scared. Because it’s high, but after I tried it many times, I was OK.
[Cap]: What is your charater in this cf?
[Khun]: We must bring a new energy. We will go to waterfall, and enjoy it. It’s very intersting. Something like that.
[Vic]: It’s a new challenge for us, a new exprerience.
[Cap]: What was your feeling when you see the rides?
[Khun]: It was high, scared.
[Vic]: Its color was beautiful. But I didn’t know it is high like that.
[Vic]: Ohhhh I’m scared…
[Cap]: Then after riding it, how did you feel?
[Khun]: At first, it was scary. But when I stood on it and slid down… it was interesting. I have a new feeling now.
[Vic]: I was really scared, I didn’t know it would be like that. But it was interesting.
[Khun]: Today is cold.
[Vic]: I was shaky.
[Khun]: But we enjoyed it a lot.
[Cap]: How is your activities in the near future?
[Khun]: Well, 2PM are preparing for a new album. We will release it in this month, so please support us.
[Vic]: We have just finished our promotion for Pinocchio. But we are preparing for repacked album now. Please look forward it.
[Khun]: Summer is comming, so please go to Cabi and make beautiful memories.
[Vic]: Yes. If you have time, come here. It is really joyful. Let make a lot of beautiful memories!
[Khun]: Till now, we’re KHUNTORIA
[Vic]:… f…

cr: Sunluvfish

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