Siwon won’t attend Kimchi 2011+apology for indonesia E.l.F

posted by:raerihyukkie

Masuk ICU pasang selang infus abis baca stat ini ~ LOL ~

My beloved Indonesian family! Unfortunately I will not be able to participate in the kimchi concert because of scheduling conflicts with filming my drama. I am so sorry that I won’t be able to attend. I’ve wanted to see you so much and it breaks my heart that I will not be able to meet you. I will look forward to the time we can meet again! I love you all :) blessing!

Saat tahu di malaysia SiHae absen, perasaan udah ngak enak >< ternyata eng ing eng sesuai perkiraan ~ no Siwon dan kemungkinan Donghae juga gak akan bisa dateng ke KIMCHI tanggal 4 nanti !!!!!! JDEERRRRRR


and check it out permintaan maanya siwon karena gak bisa hadir diacar KIMCHI…


Credit: WProductions @ facebook | Shared: wonnieteuki @youtube


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